5 Reasons You Need a Summer Learning Plan

5 Reasons You Need a Summer Learning Plan

Last year I when I introduced these Summer Learning Activities, I wrote about the dreaded “summer slip”, how the lack of in-person instruction due to (ya know) was leaving more kids grade levels behind, and some of my beliefs in the power of using a learning plan throughout the summer months. I also shared how I plan my weeks, using store bought workbooks, Pinterest, etc. If you are so inclined, which I’d love you forever for, you can read that post here However, this year I wanted to go into more detail about my “why” for creating summer learning plans.

  1. Continuing with learning throughout the summer lowers the chances of learning loss. On average, a student loses 2 months of reading gains, and 2 1/2 months of math skills over one summer!! Teachers reportedly spend anywhere between 3-6 weeks RETEACHING skills at the start of each school year. Spending just 2-3 hours of time on reading or other academic skills over the summer can prevent learning loss….that breaks down to 17-26 minutes a day!!
  2. A learning plan adds structure to our day. My kids all behave so much better when there is structure to their day. They like to know what to expect…so much so that they have now requested weekly calendars so they can see what the next day entails. Sometimes squeezing in the academic work at home is a fight, whether its because we, as the adults, don’t feel like we have the time to give to support it, OR, them, as the kids, knows you don’t have the time, so they make it miserable in hopes you will cave and let them off the hook. Trust me, I’ve been there. Sometimes those early days are a fight, but once they know this is the expectation, and a build in requirement for their day, just like eating breakfast, they will stop fighting so hard with you about it.
  3. My Summer Learning Plan allows opportunities for kids to explore careers, themes, and content that teachers may not have the time or resources to explore in their classrooms. We, as teachers, are burnt out. As much as we would LOVE to have beautifully decorated thematic classroom decor like a camping theme or a construction site, the fact of the matter is, if it doesn’t directly relate to a standardized test, it’s very hard to squeeze it into curriculum. So, rather than make the entire summer about the academic structure of school, I have tried to provide a different avenue to learning to make it more engaging.
  4. This Summer Learning Plan is created with YOU, the parent, in mind. Put down your phone, and be intentional with the 17-26 minutes (or longer) of learning time with your child. Use the Move+Play activities as a family (Space Yoga from the Out of This World week sounds like a dream). Cook up something in the kitchen together from the Eat section, or sit and watch a movie from the Watch+Listen section, or make something together from the Create section. There are so many easy activities that you can do with your kids, either as a family, or even one-on-one, but please, make the time!
  5. Finally, this Summer Learning Plan allows kids to explore their own creativity. There are a variety of creative projects listed for each unit so that children of all ages and abilities can find something to get those creative gears moving.

Although I had my kids complete a diagnostic this week for an online learning platform we are testing out this summer, we will be officially, OFFICIALLY starting our summer learning this week! I allowed them to each pick a unit they wanted until we filled the summer, so everyone’s tiny little voices were heard and valued. We are starting off with Out of This World, my oldest sons pick. Last year we listened to Sky Color, by Peter H. Reynolds, and made the mixed media projects from this post's image. You can scroll back through my Instagram to find the instructions if you are in the mood to paint this week ;)

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As always, thank you for your time and continuous love+support!

Happy Creating!


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