4 Ways to Be Creative for Non-Artists

4 Ways to Be Creative for Non-Artists

Society has led us to synonymously use the words "creative" and "artist", and although being an artist is a way to live creatively, its is not the only way to live a creative life. We've been programmed to believe that the only people that are truly creative are artisans, and that's simply just not the truth. So as we get older, we talk ourselves out of believing we are creative, and we stop looking at the world in this colorful, imaginative way. What we then fail to realize, is that the way in which we live and some of the habits we form, are in fact creative living. You can be a creative without ever picking up a paint brush or an artist tool. Living creatively isn't just about making, it's about being present in the moments that bring us peace and joy. It requires us to free up space inside our bodies and minds to take in the beauty and magic of the world around us.

Here are 4 simple ways to invite creativity back into your life.

1. Bake/Cook Something New

Baking or cooking is a sensory experience that activates all 5 senses, which can often be numbed during periods of high stress. Trying out new recipes also means we are open to failure, and learning from that failure, which is a huge piece of building a creative mindset.

2. Journal/Meditate

Any mindfulness habits help reduce fear of judgment, improves our working memory, and opens our minds to new ideas. Mindfulness practice also improves our attention, and brings awareness to the present moment.

3. Declutter/Organize

Clean, organized spaces are another great stress-reliever. Getting rid of clutter can improve our mental health, while also giving us a sense of control. Plus, if you decide to decorate or rearrange furniture and organizational systems, you are releasing creativity energy into your newly revamped space.

4. Move Your Body

Movement reconnects you with your physical self. It is not only a great way to regain your physical health, but it also increases your emotional wellbeing. Movement grounds us in the present moment, while also easing some of the tension that we hold onto in our bodies.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, it's a good starting point for those that feel like they have lost their creative mindset, and perhaps have a little too much stress in their jaw and shoulders ;)



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