Advent Calendar of Kindness

Advent Calendar of Kindness

Per the usual, I am super late on posting about Christmas stuff, and tomorrow is December....whooomp whoooomp! But, just like every parent out here, we all want to make our children's lives magical. Christmas season is of course THE PRIME TIME for making magic, and sugar, and more sugar, with a little more magic. Whether it's The Elf on the Shelf, baking cookies, binge watching movies, or wearing matching pajamas, we all try to do our best to keep that magic alive for as long as possible. However, beyond just making magic, I am always looking for ways to infuse real-life messages in to activities, because a) I don't want to be raising tiny jerks and b) these are the "things" that they will carry with them after the magic runs dry. So last year I started a Kindness Advent Calendar, and idea that sparked from none other than, PINTEREST (as if we get ideas from anywhere else these days lol). I had this cute little wooden tree from Target that I was gifted, and I was desperate to get it up. So, I hung it in the kids playroom, taped up 24 Acts of Kindness, added some glittery ornaments, and VOILA! Meaningful AND magical. A was a little too young to grasp the concept last year, but I know he will love it this year, and T really looked forward to it each morning. It gave us something to discuss on the way to school, and on the way home, that wasn't behavior or academic related. It also was a way to gently nudge him out of his comfort zone in speaking to people and being kind when nobody is looking. I have created another FREE printable for you to use this holiday season in your own homes. You can simply print out the sheet from the website ( and post it up on the fridge, cut them out as flash cards, or display them on a tree or another advent calendar. It's perfect for adults too! I hope this small bit of something special brings a little magic to you and your family this holiday season. Share with me on social media if you use any of my printables!


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