Art and Our Communities

Art and Our Communities

So often we look at Art as an expression of self, a journey into the mind, emotions, and feelings of the artist. Our interpretation of a work of art does not always match the intent of the artist, and that is the beautiful uniqueness of art. However, art is more than just creating. Art unites, it defines spaces, encourages joy, and brings awareness and hope. Art shares stories, pain, political viewpoints, and addresses the lack of equality in our communities. Art is a form of activism, it is a voice for the unheard, and what art brings to communities is perhaps its highest power. Take a stroll around to your local parks and recreation centers, and you are sure to see murals that fill building walls, reflecting not just the demographics of the city, but the hope and dreams of the youth that play basketball on their courts, grow up on their playgrounds, eat snacks in their shelters, and swim in their pools. You will see images of inspirational men and women that are no longer here on Earth, but brought so much knowledge and love that they deserve a permanent visual space to remind us all of the things they fought so hard to change, the beauty they tried to bring to the world, and the changes they tirelessly worked to make. And while big murals and street arts often require proposals and approvals, there are a lot of other ways to bring art to your communities, to bring light and love to those around us, to bring joy and and togetherness. Below I have listed 5 ways to bring art to your communities:

Send Cards in the Mail

Snail mail is becoming less and less a “thing”. Gone are the days where you receive a travel postcard or letter from your friend. Now mailboxes are cluttered with bills, promotional offers, and the once-a-year infamous holiday card. But what if we could change that? When was the last time you got a card in the mail? Or even when you receive those holiday cards that either make you green with envy that EVERYONE is smiling AND looking at the camera, or make you laugh uncontrollably because there’s “always that one” kid in the photo that just won’t cooperate and sets your mama heart on fire with their fierceness...did you still feel good that you made someone’s list of people they care about? I know I do. My kids LOVE cards in the mail. My Mom, their YaYa sends them holiday cards with $1-$5 or a food giftcard, and you would think they were just gifted a new car from Ellen Degeneres lol But imagine the joy people would feel receiving an anonymous handmade card? Smear some paint on a card, add a meaningful quote, and VOILA! PURE JOY!!!

Yarn Bombs

Find a lovely little tutorial on YouTube, TikTok, or Pinterest on how to make yarn balls. Make them (obviously) and then tie them in trees around the neighborhood to bring a little bright light on the dim winter days. I would encourage you to decorate your own yard first, and then ask your neighbors if they would like theirs done as well. This is also an excellent way to build community (by speaking to your neighbors face to face) annnnnndddd helps our youth develop the necessary communication skills they will need in the future.


Take old containers and other trash or discarded items and reuse/recyle/upcycle by planting flowers, vegetables, and herbs in the found treasures. One of my favorite artists to study, Tyree Guyton, based out of Detroit, has taken the concept of trash to treasure beyond. 

Chalk Walk

Take your messages to the streets….LITERALLY! Decorate the sidewalks or streets in your neighborhood with warm messages to bring some joy to others day. Share motivational quotes, inspirational words, and even pictures of what community means to you. A huge THANK YOU to a former teammate, and incredible woman, Camai Mazzulla, for giving me permission to share some of the chalk art she has created throughout this pandemic. You can find her on IG @maimaimazz....aside from her chalk art, she also brings so much laughter+joy to the social media universe with her TikToks ;)

Host a Saturday Art Class

Depending on the weather where you live, you may be able to hold some outdoor art classes to bring together some creatives. Your classes don’t need a big, elaborate plan to be a success. All you need is people, something to create ON, and something to create WITH. Pick a different genre of music each week to create to. Learn a new art skill to share with others. Ask your neighbors if they have any art skills they would be willing to share. Study artists and their works. Explore art making and mediums freely. Try and fail, and try again. Make it fun. The point is to just CREATE!

Happy Creating!


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