Have you lost your creative SPARK?

Have you lost your creative SPARK?

It’s hard to believe this is my 15th year in the classroom! In the past 14 years, I have taught every age/grade from 3s to Seniors, worked at 6 different schools in two states, been certified to teach in 3 states, hosted numerous art shows, received lots of hugs (and germs), developed a TON of lesson plans, teacher samples and worksheets, and of course, made LOTS AND LOTS of messes!! While there have been many ups and downs throughout the years, one thing has, and always will, remain the same…and that is that THE ARTS MATTER! I have talked at length on the benefits of art-making, but since we are chatting about it today, and because I’m a teacher, let’s review of few shall we?

  • Viewing or creating art is proven to reduce stress and anxiety in EVERYONE, regardless of age!
  • Studies have also found that creating art provides a sense of accomplishment, which can help stimulate the release of dopamine, the chemical that makes us feel good, increases our drive, and improves our concentration.
  • For primary-aged children, art develops innovative thinking, enhances problem-solving skills, builds brain strength, and increases academic performance.
  • Art teaches students how to overcome fears, work through “mistakes”, take criticism, GIVE criticism, own their successes, AND their failures.
  • Creating Art can teach fine motor skills such as grasping small objects (crayons), gripping pencils, mark-making and scribbles, cutting, squeezing, and threading.

If you recognize the benefits of creativity but are a little unsure how to get started, let me introduce you to my second book, 30 Drawing Prompts to Spark Creativity.

In this book, I have provided 30 prompts to open up creative thinking. Each prompt has its own page with ample space for the entire family to draw together. Some of the prompts are easy to visualize, while others provide opportunities for abstract thinking and personal interpretation, which are both key skills to creativity. This book makes a great travel companion for the holidays, long days at sports events, or even just car rides to and from school. If you would like you own copy, you can grab it HERE.
I always love to connect with fellow artists, chat about your experiences, and work alongside you on your creative journey. Be sure to follow us on IG or Facebook for more opportunities to create TOGETHER!

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