DIY Halloween/Book-O-Ween Costumes

DIY Halloween/Book-O-Ween Costumes

It's THAT time of year....where all of the favorite character costumes hit shelves and your kids MUST HAVE that cute rainbow unicorn costume at Target, or the Black Panther or Spiderman from Walmart that costs the equivalent of filling up your gas tank....well, maybe not at $5/gallon, but you get the point! Costumes cost so much money for them to be worn once or twice. I've been there, and more than likely will be there again this year because often, time is not on my side. BUT, if you've got kids that appreciate the unordinary, and you have the time, OR your kiddos school holds a Book-O-Ween, then this post is for you!! Below I am outlining some DIY costumes for families, linked to books, and just for fun!!

For Families:

Only One You-everyone can paint their own cardboard fish, hole punch on each end, tie some string through them, and hang around your neck. Maybe wear all blue so it appears the fish is in the ocean!

Ice Cream Shop-we did this a few years ago for a very windy and chilly Trunk-or-Treat. But, I used butcher paper to make myself a milkshake. If you don't have access to large paper, wrapping paper could also work. My husband was the ice cream man, and he just wore an apron. My daughter was a cherry and wore all red. And for the boys, I painted white t-shirts with sprinkles and syrup. The boys wore khaki bottoms to look like cones. This one could work for families of any size, as the flavors are endless.

Little Blue and Little Yellow-this would be perfect for a family of 3. One person dresses in all Blue, he other in all Yellow, and the child in Green.

The Day the Crayons Quit/Came Home-depending how crafty you are, you can make actual crayon t-shirts, or just wear the color, throw on a tutu and party hat, and you've got yourself a cute costume that can be worn again and again.

Linked to Books (again some of these could be used for families/teams):

Scribble Spot-buy some white t-shirts or cut out some cardboard circles and add scribbles. Again, hole bunch along two edges, thread, knot, and hang. VOILA!

A Color of His Own-choose a chameleon color based off the book by Leo Lionni. Wear a matching shirt/pant set and then add some greenery around you to match. This would also be cute for a couple ;)

Ain't Gonna Paint No More-if you are anything like me and always want to go above and beyond, even when its ridiculously unnecessary, have fun painting a t-shirt and even pants if you're so inclined, and your face, arms, and feet, to follow along with the book.

Not A Box-grab a cardboard box (you know you have a few Amazon ones laying around), and transform it into something that is "not a box" using a simple red marker outline. You could also make some cardboard bunny ears to make this more fun!

These are just a few of many DIY Halloween Costume ideas. Be sure to check out my IG reels to see some of our costumes from the past :) Happy Halloween!!!



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