Hey you! Thanks so much for taking time out of what's surely a crazy, beautiful, busy life to come hang out. Before I get started with all things U-S, let me once again say THANK YOU! I am so grateful to have a space to share all the things, and to connect with new+old friends. Now, on to the good stuff that you may not actually care to read, but I feel obligated to tell y'all so that you can get a better sense of who I am and what we're all about.

First and foremost, I'm Ally! Beyond my actual name, I also go by wife, mother, sister, teacher, daughter, and friend to name a few. I love the sun, beach, Birkenstocks, art, food (specifically breakfast carbs, tacos, and pizza), dancing, caffeine, volleyball, and so many other things that I haven't managed to find much time for these days. My hubby and I just celebrated our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY in June, and I really can't figure out where the time has gone, OOOOOH WAIT, it's been passing with pregnancies, nursing babies, toddlers climbing and jumping off everything, teaching math and sight words, 9-5 work, and paying bills. Within those 10 years, we have brought three beautiful, wild children in to the world, moved from Maryland to Florida, and bought our first home, just to identify a few highlights. We've also fought like cats and dogs, laughed until we cried (yes, even the hubby has laughed that hard), fought through exhaustion and loss, ate yummy foods, relaxed on vacation, and everything in between. Essentially, we're just another ordinary family trying to navigate life while not losing our minds daily :) You're probably now to the point of this intro and wondering why I am putting my blog posts in to the world, and who do I think will actually care to read what I put out there? Well, to answer the first scenario, I love writing. Writing/blogging gives me a space to vent, work out troubles, share life's funny moments, and a quiet time to myself to just breathe. I have been told by my husband that he actually enjoys my long posts and shared stories on social media, shocker since he doesn't seem to enjoy my daily stories lol. So, after his encouragement, I figured, why not? And for the second part, of who will read these things? I don't know, and to be 100% transparent, I am not sure that I care. You see, at this challenging phase of life, which will be a blog post all on its own here soon), I am trying to take back some of ME. I am trying to better myself, spend time doing the things I love, crush goals if we want to be all cliché. My hope is that some of my posts will resonate with the women who lost themselves in the journey of life, or maybe a parent that will read one of my scary stories and be more present, or maybe, just maybe, there's a few more people outside of my circle that need some more real life people to connect with through these social platforms to realize they are not crazy, and life is not perfect, and we are all just trying to do our best. So for now, if you made it this long, you're the bomb.com. Stay tuned for more!

Love & Light-Ally

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